About Us

Although we recently gave our website a complete makeover, at First Choice, we’ve been finding new and cool ‘As Seen On TV’ products for our customers for over a decade.

Our History

You can even see our old old website designs on the Internet Archive WayBack Machine if you like. Ah, how the Internet has changed in 15 years.

We’ve always been ‘gadget’ people. You know – that friend who always has to have the latest, greatest invention that makes life better or easier or even more exciting. They have just got to try it out and show their friends the new, remarkable invention they’ve just acquired. Well, that’s us!

Our Mission

We gain immense pleasure from keeping up with the latest gadgets and inventions and trying out a few. We gain even more satisfaction from bringing these products and the enjoyment of owning them to our readers and customers.

You already know that not all new ‘as seen on TV’ inventions and products are everything they are cracked up to be. You’ve purchased a product and it now just sits in your junk drawer unused.

But, that is part of the enjoyment of trying them out! If you’re like us, you’ll find that certain products turn out to be useful beyond belief. It’s those WINNERS that keep us coming back to try out the latest and greatest products we see on television.

We’ve built our business with a huge selection of the latest ‘as seen on TV’ products for your convenience. And, most are listed at the lowest prices you will find.

Our Products

With our customers in mind, we have brought together this collection of popular ‘As Seen On TV’ products. And we have sourced them from one of the least expensive venues on the Internet, Amazon.

We hope you enjoy perusing this collection of amazing products and inventions and find a few inexpensive gadgets to make your life more enjoyable.

And don’t forget that these items make wonderful gifts for that hard-to-find-for friend or relative, too.

Website Features

We’ve designed our website so you can easily narrow down your selections. And we’ve included our own Product Reviews & Price Comparison pages augmented with many public YouTube Video Reviews others have filmed. And each of our product pages has a ‘Reviews’ tab that lets you see the latest Amazon reviews and ratings right on our site. You can instantly see what recent purchasers are saying.

And if you want to find out what new As Seen On TV products other people are buying just check out our Hot Items page. It’s updated daily and lists the hottest As Seen On TV items selling online right now.

Other than our Product Reviews & Price Comparisons pages, my favorite page is our Sale Items page. You’ll find some incredible deals there from time to time. And it’s also updated daily and has dozens of ON-SALE ‘As Seen On TV’ items.

Order Processing

For your safety and convenience our orders are processed through our arrangement with Amazon.com except for some items in our “Price Comparisons” which take you directly to that seller’s website. Upon checkout, you will be taken directly to Amazon for secure payment and order completion.

To Your Entertainment and Amazement,

First Choice