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Baseboard Cleaner
Baseboard Cleaner Wet/Dry Microfiber #Ad

Review by Wally
Review by Wally

Baseboard Cleaner with Wet/Dry Microfiber Head

This baseboard cleaner really is a fast and easy way to clean your baseboards and trim. It has a microfiber pad and a 360 degree rotating head so you can clean from any angle without strain.
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Wet/Dry Microfiber Head Baseboard Cleaner

Unlike other dusters, the microfiber head on the Baseboard Buddy is designed to conform to the shape of your baseboard for efficient cleaning. It’s an easy way you can keep your baseboards and ceiling trim looking dust free and like new.

Baseboard Cleaner Extended Handle

You won’t even have to get on your hands and knees to clean your baseboards. The Baseboard Buddy #Ad baseboard cleaner has a extendable handle and swivel head allowing you to do the work from a standing position. You can clean your baseboards to look like the day they were painted without ever bending over. Just place the specially designed head against your baseboard and walk while it does all the work of cleaning. It even reaches behind furniture, around toilets and up to the crown molding on your ceiling. It’s quite a useful tool that can be used wet or dry depending upon how caked on the dirt has become.

Wet/Dry Baseboard Cleaner Features

  • Use Wet or Dry for stubborn baseboards
  • 360 Degree swivel head permits cleaning from any angle
  • Telescopic handle extends to 60 inches allowing you to reach hard to reach places
  • Reusable/Replaceable Microfiber pads are easily to clean and replace
  • Includes 3 Microfiber Cleaning Pads

Baseboard Cleaner Wet/Dry Microfiber
Baseboard Cleaner Wet/Dry #Ad

So What Do Purchasers Think Of The Baseboard Buddy

There are just under 150 Amazon reviews of the Baseboard Buddy #Ad. Reviewers have rated this baseboard cleaner 3 stars out of 5. While not an impressive number, just shy of 1/3 of reviewers gave it the highest rating of 5 stars. Here is what a few of these positive reviews had to say.

“First I tried it while it was dry. That was not going to work. I even used elbow grease. It was horrible. I think my finger even got a cramp. So then I decided to try it wet. Bingo!”

“I am over 65 and have difficulty getting up and down from the floor. As a result, my baseboards did not get dusted as frequently as the rest of the house. This made it so much easier for me.”

“Great product – really says what it does – even gets to high spots! I would really recommend.”

“It is awesome…I’m 73 and cannot get down to clean baseboards. Baseboard Buddy had the baseboards cleaned in record time with minimum effort.”

“At 5’2″ I normally have to climb on a chair or a stool to clean the top of the doorway trim. Consequently cleaning above the doors doesn’t happen as often as it should. Lol. It was so easy with this duster to reach the tops of the doorways. I was also easily able to reach the cobweb/dustbunnys on the top of the vaulted ceiling that have been there way too long as well. Totally awesome product!! Oh! I also love the adjustable height telescoping handle! Highly recommended product.”

It seems that those who have trouble or don’t want to get on their hands and knees to clean their baseboards find the baseboard cleaner very useful.

What Don’t Purchasers Like About The Baseboard Cleaner

While useful, the Baseboard Buddy does have some design features that leave room for improvement. Here’s a few mentioned by purchasers.

“Maybe I read the product description wrong, but this item doesn’t do what I expected. It might do okay for simple dusting but I have a dog that sheds and it is so flimsy that the duster “head” won’t stay in place well enough to work. It wants to swivel too much.”

“The connection btwn the cleaner piece and the handle broke the second it slipped off the baseboard. Barley hit the floor and SNAP! I loved it for the few seconds I used it. Unfort, I waited too long to get the paperwork rolling in order to return it. Too bad bc this is a very helpful tool. It just needs to be sturdier.”

“it turns and scratches the wall and comes off the handle. I tried to return it and have still not heard back from the company.”

“Does not work well. the handle is very flimsy.”

Most complaints revolve around the swivel head which can be tightened. Also, one user suggested putting a little super glue on the threads to prevent the head from unscrewing from the pole. Others thought the pole was a bit flimsy. I suspect that is a personal thing depending upon how much pressure your try to put on the cleaning head.

What’s The Bottom Line

The Baseboard Buddy baseboard cleaner is a great idea. Personally, I wouldn’t clean baseboards if I had to get on my hands and knees to do the work. So, this baseboard cleaner became a hit at our household. Some purchasers have found it lacking in design and indeed it could be improved from a user standpoint. While there are other dusters you can use to clean baseboards and crown molding the Baseboard Buddy works as well as anything and better than most cleaning options.

Who’s This Good For

Those who can’t get down on their hands and knees to clean the dust and dirt off of their baseboards will find this or a similar long handled cleaning tool the only way they will be able to keep their baseboards clean. Others may just want to use it to make baseboard cleaning easier.

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