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Chatty Patty Small Talking Parrot
The Chatty Patty Small Talking Parrot #Ad

Review by Wally
Review by Wally

Introduction To Chatty Patty

Delight or confuse your guests with the help of Chatty Patty The Small Talking Parrot. This entertaining bird will repeat everything that people say while moving its beak, flapping its wings, and rocking back and forth.
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You may have seen this product advertised on television. The Chatty Patty is one of those novelty gifts that you may consider buying, but you want to make sure that it works first. So, does the Chatty Patty small talking parrot really work as advertised? Find out below!

Repeats Everything That People Say

The main feature of the Chatty Patty Small Talking Parrot is that it repeats everything that nearby people say. It has a sound sensing microchip located in the tree perch that automatically detects sounds. When someone starts talking, it will begin recording. When the sound stops, it then immediately repeats the recording.

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Flaps its Wings and Moves Back and Forth

The parrot is not actually connected to the tree perch. Instead, there are a couple of contact points on the tree perch. You set the small talking bird on the perch and when there is no apparent sound for it to record, it will rock back and forth while laughing. It also flaps its wings to make people notice.

Auto Shut Off to Conserve Battery Life

This small parrot is battery operated. But, you can leave it on and allow the microchip to detect sounds without worrying about draining the batteries. It also has an auto shut off feature that will turn off the parrot when the lights in the room are off. This is a very convenient and an excellent battery saving feature.

More Than Just a Novelty Gift

While the basic concept is for entertainment, there are actually some useful reasons to use this small talking parrot. You can use it as an automatic reminder. Record messages and reminders to yourself or your family and have Chatty Patty #Ad repeat them back later. It can be used instead of a refrigerator note pad to leave a message for your family.

So, that’s what Chatty Patty the small talking bird does. Let’s take a look at the main specs and details:

Features Of The Chatty Patty Talking Parrot

  • Mechanical small parrot attached to a tree perch
  • Automatically records conversations and then repeats the recording
  • Includes a sound sensing microchip to detect sounds
  • The bird moves its beak and wings while rocking back and forth
  • Whistles and laughs when left by itself
  • Entertains, adults, children, other birds, dogs, etc.
  • The sound from the small speaker is actually quite good
  • Auto power off to save battery life
  • Battery Operated

Chatty Patty Small Talking Parrot Customer Reviews

Quite a few customers have purchased and left reviews for the Chatty Patty small electronic bird on Amazon. 92 customers give it an average 3.8-stars (out of 5) rating. The majority of customers gave it 5-stars, while there is also a mixture of 1 to 4-star reviews.

What Customers Didn’t Like

Among the negative comments were issues related to the durability of the small talking bird. Several customers have mentioned that it stopped working after several months. In defense of this small talking parrot, Chatty Patty #Ad is a inexpensive novelty gift and you should not really expect it to last for years and years of use. But, still, it should last longer than just a few months.

One customer had a problem with the bird making contact with the tree perch – in order for the bird to rock back and forth. Since the majority of customers did not mention this problem, we can assume that perhaps the customer did not fully understand how this device works or just had a faulty device.

Even though there were a few complaints, the majority of customers found the small talking parrot to be quite entertaining. It pretty much works as advertised. When the bird is set on its perch, it will flap its wings, move its beak, and rock back and forth as it repeats whatever anyone says. It also has a standby mode so that it will not drain the batteries.

A Final Word

In the end, you do get what you are paying for with Chatty Patty – an electronic small talking parrot that repeats what people say. Who would want this type of toy? This is a great little novelty gift and could be useful for someone that needs a simple Secret Santa Christmas gift or a last minute gag gift. Children seem to enjoy the bird even more than adults. And, as mentioned earlier, you could also use this toy to record messages and reminders to leave for family members.

This is an “As Seen on TV” item. The main question that you should ask yourself before buying a product like this is whether or not it really works. In this case, this small talking parrot really does repeat what you say. It records conversations when it detects sound and then repeats it back.  The only problem in operation appears to be that sometimes the small speaker isn’t very clear.

Chatty Patty is fun, entertaining, and quite inexpensive. Whether you are buying it as a gift or for yourself, the novelty of the small talking bird will likely wear off in a few days but guests will pretty much always be amused. I may put one out by the pool this summer to entertain guests. For the price it makes a great little gift that anyone would enjoy.

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