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Microwave Bacon Cooker 05101 by Presto
Presto Bacon Cooker 05101 #Ad

Review by Wally
Review by Wally

How To Cook Bacon In A Microwave

The Microwave Bacon Cooker by Presto is the best bacon cooker – bacon crisper rated on Amazon. But there are two models of the Presto PowerCrisp to Cook Bacon in Microwave. The Presto 05101 #Ad with 3 bacon racks is pictured to the left and the 05100 with two teepee shaped racks.
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But, before we get into the details of how to cook bacon in a microwave with the Presto PowerCrisper, let me talk just a little about the differences of each of these microwave bacon cookers.

The Presto 05100 PowerCrisp Microwave Bacon Cooker

NOTE: This model has now been discontinued leaving the 05101 as the sole Presto Microwave Bacon Cooker.

The Presto 05101 Microwave Bacon Cooker

Glancing at the top photo you will notice that the 05101 Presto Microwave Bacon Cooker has 3 bacon racks that stand completely upright. This seems to be an improvement over the 05100 in that you can place 12 to 15 slices of bacon on the three racks.

Functionally, I haven’t noticed any difference between the models in the cooking of bacon in the microwave. The 05101 will take a little longer to cook but that is just because it holds more bacon.

By the way, there are 16 to 20 slices of bacon in a normal cut 1 lb. bacon package. This means the two rack model will hold just over half a pound of bacon while the three rack model will hold nearly a pound.

The discussion below will concentrate on the three rack model 05101 because I feel it works just as well as the other model but will hold more bacon. Both models are easy to store away flat and take up little space.

How To Cook Bacon In Microwave With The Presto Bacon Cooker

This part is a snap! Just snap the three racks into the tray and drape the bacon over them. Some say make sure the bacon strips don’t touch but I’ve found that it is easy to break crisp bacon apart to get the amount needed for a sandwich or on a dish.

However, definitely don’t overlap the bacon or the overlapped pieces will cook unevenly and stick on top of each other. And, DO, place a paper towel loosely over the cooking bacon to avoid any minor spatters in your microwave.

The length of time to cook the bacon in the microwave will vary with the thickness of your bacon and the power of your microwave. My microwave takes about 10 minutes to cook a full package of bacon with the Presto Bacon Cooker. Your mileage may vary.

Removing The Bacon From The Presto Microwave Bacon Maker

This part, too, is a snap. All of the bacon grease collects in the bottom tray so you can just lift the bacon off the racks and place it on a plate or paper towel.

I feel that by allowing the grease to drip off into the bottom pan, this cooked bacon is healthier for you than frying it flat in a pan sitting in the grease.

Clean Up With The Presto PowerCrisp Microwave Bacon Maker

Surprisingly this part isn’t bad at all either. Of course, you will want to pour off the grease into a container. Then all you’ll need to do is easily pull the racks out of the tray and either toss everything into the dishwasher or wipe it all down with a soapy cloth or sponge. It’s really a no-muss no-fuss way to make bacon in the microwave.

I prefer to use Dawn liquid dish soap for clean-up because of its grease cutting ability. This REALLY makes cleanup a snap.

The Presto Microwave Bacon Cooker Features

  • Cook bacon in microwave – Quickly!
  • Make crisp, delicious bacon – Easily!
  • No messy cleanup – No splatter
  • Dishwasher safe and completely immersible in water
  • Non-stick BPA-free plastic racks and drip pan
  • Leaner bacon with less grease is healthier than pan fried
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Everything stores away right in the tray taking up little space

What do Purchasers Think Of The Presto PowerCrisp Bacon Maker

This is the top rated microwave bacon cooker on Amazon. The two rack model has over 600 reviews while the newer three rack model has just 9. And, the two models are rated at impressive 4.5-stars and 4.4-stars out of 5 respectively.

The reviewers of the three rack model were quite ecstatic about the Presto Bacon Cooker. One reviewer even commented, “Don’t go anywhere else! This is the bacon cooker you want!” What else can you save after that?

However, one reviewer wasn’t impressed. He says he cooked several types of bacon in the Presto Bacon Cooker but was unsatisfied with the results. He didn’t specify exactly what was wrong but I suspect his particular microwave must have cooked the bacon unevenly. To Presto’s credit they did leave him their 800 number to call and try to solve his problem.

Looking over a few of the reviews for the two rack 05100 Presto model, they appeared very similar to those for the 05101 #Ad three rack model. Most reviewers loved the bacon cooker with a few scattered complainers who said it didn’t cook the bacon right for them. I really think it depends upon the quality of the microwave to achieve good results. If your microwave doesn’t cook well above the absolute bottom of the tray, it might not cook bacon hanging on a rack very well.

But, for most, cooking bacon in a microwave with the Pesto PowerCrisp solves the problems of cooking bacon at home. It’s as no-muss no-fuss as one can get and still cook scrumptious bacon.

So What’s The Bottom Line On The Presto PowerCrisp Bacon Cooker

For most users, this is going to be a God-send of a product. Most people (and dogs) love bacon. The problem has always been the splatter and uneven cooking that happens when you cook bacon in a pan. This wonderful device from Presto solves all those problems when cooking bacon in the kitchen. I, personally, will never cook bacon any other way.

Of course, you can still use the old method to cook bacon in a microwave. This is how to cook bacon in microwave without using a bacon maker. The method consists of placing a paper towel or two on a plate and laying 4 to 6 pieces of bacon on the paper towels. Now place another paper towel over the bacon and place another plate up-side-down over that. Then cook the bacon in microwave and repeat.

This old style method wastes a lot of paper towels. And it makes a mess with the grease soaked paper towels you will need to toss in the trash after cooking a pound of bacon. And the bacon still sits in the grease somewhat while cooking. But, it will work if cooking bacon in a microwave with the Presto Bacon Cooker doesn’t work for you.

Who’s This Bacon Cooker Good For

The bacon lover who hates the splatter and mess left over from cooking a package of bacon will love the microwave bacon maker. The bacon grease mess is confined to the bottom of the pan and easily disposed. And, the bacon tastes just a good – but healthier.

Boy, writing this review has made me hungry for some bacon! I think I’ll go whip out my Presto PowerCrisp and make myself a couple BLT’s right now. Ummm yummy! See ya later.

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