Forever Book Reusable Smallest Whiteboard – Review

The Forever Book Reusable Smallest Whiteboard Review
The Forever Book Whiteboard #Ad

Review by Wally
Review by Wally

Introduction To The Forever Book

Are you tired of running out of paper in your notebook? This is the problem that the Forever Book Reusable Smallest Whiteboard will solve for you. You receive multiple, small whiteboards, so you can take notes, draw, or doodle wherever you go.
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Intended for use around the house, school, or office, the Forever Book is an interesting and useful product. Is it just another as seen on TV gimmick, or is this worth the price? Keep reading to find out.

7 Portable Erasable Smallest Whiteboards

What is the Forever Book #Ad? Basically, it is 7 compact dry erase boards. Six of these boards are compiled into a spiral-bound notebook – which is called the Forever Book. The seventh is a separate pad measuring 4×7-inches – called the Forever Pad. You can write or draw on these boards then erase what you wrote and use all over again.

Includes 4 Colored Pens

The Forever Book Reusable whiteboard also comes with 4 colored pens, so you can start taking notes or drawing right away. You get Black, Red, Green, and Blue – your basic doodling/writing colors. Note that your writing can sometimes smudge when you close the cover to the notebook if you are not careful.

Draw and Erase – Over and Over

The main reason for purchasing this set of small whiteboards is that you can continue to use the boards over and over again. While one customer mentioned that the whiteboards do not erase very well, others found that you can easily wipe away your words and drawings quite easily.

Features of the Forever Book Reusable Smallest Whiteboard

• 6-page 6″x9″ Forever Book (smallest whiteboard notebook)
• One 4″x7″ Forever Pad (smallest whiteboard pad)
• 4 pens (blue, red, green, and black)
• The whiteboards are erasable and can be used over and over

Customer Feedback on the Whiteboard Notebook

So, what do customers have to say about the Forever Book #Ad reusable smallest whiteboard? There is not a lot of feedback yet, on Amazon. With 12 reviews, but this item managed to get a 4.5 out of 5-star average. 4 customers gave it a 4-star review, while the rest is a mixture ranging from 1 to 5-stars.

Two of the most common complaints were the quality of the pens and the notebook cover. A couple of customers mentioned that the pens do not seem to last very long. One customer noted that the whiteboards can smudge when you close the book, while others thought it worked just fine. Another customer did not receive the pens, but this was only reported by a single customer and merchants are pretty good about correcting such problems.

The other issue, with the notebook cover, centered around the thin material making up the cover. This is a minor issue though, as you are really paying for the 7 whiteboards – not the pens and cover which really are adequate.

Go Green – Cut Down on Your Paper Usage

It is not hard to imagine many uses for the reusable smallest whiteboards. And they can help you – go green – by letting you cut down on paper use. If you regularly take notes that you later discard or copy to another medium such as a computer, you should find a way to stop wasting paper. With a compact dry-erase pad or notebook, you can simply erase your old notes after your copy them and use the pad again.

Useful for a Variety of Tasks

At first glance, you may think you wouldn’t need something like the Forever Book #Ad dry erase notebook; however, it turns out that it IS pretty useful. You can keep the 4″x7″ pad in the kitchen and use it to leave reminders for your family – or for writing out a grocery list throughout the week. The uses actually are endless!

The Bottom Line

Should you get the “As Seen on TV” Forever Book reusable smallest whiteboard notebook? It is definitely an interesting item. You basically get a handful of dry erase boards for one low price, along with a few colored pens. But, even if you take away the pens, you are still getting a great value. The Forever Book notebook gives you 6 – 6″x9″ of the smallest whiteboards, and as a bonus, you get a 4″x7″ whiteboard.

This is really is a novel idea. Being able to leave reminders is something that parents may find useful. Your children may like it as well, either for doodling, homework or taking notes at school. Once you get the whiteboards, I think you will find that they are pretty useful for notes, memos and other uses you had never considered before.

The bottom line is that this is an “As Seen on TV” product and you get exactly what you expect. If you have always wanted a small portable whiteboard, you will probably not find a better deal – since you get a total of 7 small whiteboards.

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