Oven Air Fryer Copper Crisper – Review

Oven Air Fryer
Copper Crisper by Copper Chef

Review by Wally
Review by Wally

Oven Air Fryer Copper Crisper

This new Oven Air Fryer can be used directly in your oven with no oils for healthier foods. The Copper Crisper fits right in your main oven or in larger counter top ovens to make crispy air fried french fries, shrimp and other normally deep fried foods.

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Air Fry Right In Your Oven

Just put your coated foods right in the basket and the Copper Crisper oven air fryer goes directly in the oven to give you oil free fried foods. Air fry with oven temperatures up to 500 degrees and the hot oven air circulates completely around the food to give it a crisp, deep fried like crispiness and taste. The raised basket provides a definite improvement over air-frying directly on a cookie sheet. And if your oven has a convection setting it will make cooking with the Copper Crisper go even faster.

Non-Stick Copper Chef Ceramic Coated Basket & Pan

Both the basket and the drip pan are coated with the new Copper Chef Ceramic non-stick coating for ease of use and cleanup. Cleanup is easy with just soapy water and there are only two items to clean. The manufacturer suggests that you do NOT use metal utensils with this set as they can damage the non-stick coating. Also, hand washing is recommended.

Oven Air Fryer Copper Crisper Features

  • Includes Air-Fry basket and drip pan
  • Drip pan doubles as a non-stick cookie sheet
  • Allows for 360 degree cooking all around your food
  • No turning and no burning
  • No butter and no oil for healthier air-fried foods
  • New Ceramic non-stick coating on basket and pan
  • Easy hand cleanup with soap and warm water
  • Air Fries for crunchy, crispy foods
  • Use with regular deep fry recipes (See our recipe book suggestion below)
  • Dimensions: 13.1 x 9.9 x 3.3 inches.

Oven Air Fryer
Copper Crisper

So What Do Purchasers Think About The Air Frying Basket

Reviewers at Amazon gave the Copper Crisper air fryer an average 3.7 stars out of 5. There are only 43 reviews but still a good sample of users. Half of the users liked the fryer enough to give it 5 stars. Here is a sample of what they had to say.

“We frequently make frozen french fries and I used to use a cookie sheet. We are MUCH happier with results using this Air Fry Pan. The potatoes are crispier, brown more and aren’t “limp” like they were on the cookie sheet. I would absolutely buy it again and we’re looking for other ways to use it.”

“Love the way it cooks, the only downside is the bottom pan does show stains from grease if burned.”

“LOVE it. great for cooking. and great for reheating fried food! No soggy mess. Just wish it were a little larger. My breaded chicken breasts come out crispy and no grease! Re-heated sweet potato fries and there were as good as fresh! There are no recipes included and you just kind of figure out your cooking times on your own.”

“I love fried foods, but my cholesterol doesn’t. Figured we would try it even though it gets mixed reviews. It works just like it says, with some things you have to leave the food cooking a little longer to get nice and crispy, but it’s a learning curve. Cleans very easy, nothing seems to stick to it, even cheese.”

“Does just what it says. Doesn’t stick, easy to clean. It isn’t intended for “roasting” meat, etc. It is a crisper and I use on a regular basis”

Most purchasers found the new Copper Crisper air fryer works as advertised. It seems to work well for both meats and vegetable items that you would otherwise deep fry.

What Purchasers Don’t Like About The Oven Air Fryer

There are just a few areas that left room for improvement with the Copper Crisper. Here’s what users typically mentioned as problem areas.

“Item very very small…”

“i bought this it cooks the meat to where it is tough and the bottom tray burnt where the juices dripped couldnt get it to come clean and the coating came off also it turned green i would not recommend this produ(c)t to no one and when they send a label to send it back you have to pay postage even tho they paid to ship it to you”

“There is no recipe book with this, therefore not sure how to use it.. It took 45 mins to cook frozen french fries in the crisper. There should have been recipes included considering the price.. As far as acting like an Airfryer – no way.. takes to long to cook in the oven.”

“Received very quickly. It sticks and does need to be bigger”

Most negative reviews mentioned the lack of a recipe book and the small size. So, you will need to look for fried food recipes in your cookbooks and you will need to experiment a little until you are comfortable with the cooking times. We suggest trying the many recipes in the Air Fry Everything or 175 Best Air Fryer Recipes cookbooks. And, while the fryer is not huge, it is a convenient size for family cooking and for use in larger counter top ovens.

As for the user who had the coating turn green and flake off, I suspect that this person subjected the fryer to very high heat. Possibly by placing it directly under the broiler element. I recommend that oven temperatures not exceed 500 degrees and you should pre-heat the oven so the ceramic non-stick coating isn’t damaged.

What’s The Bottom Line On The Oven Air Fryer

We and most purchasers found the new Copper Crisper air fryer works as advertised. It crisps and browns foods that normally would need to be deep fried and cleanup was pretty easy. The size is actually quite nice unless you are having guests over and need to cook a lot of food. Buying two could be a solution for that problem. We liked it and would give it 4 stars.

Who’s This Good For

If you love fried foods but know you need to eat healthier, the Copper Crisper is for you. With a bit of patience and experimenting with various air-fry recipes you are going to come up with a handful of recipes you truly love. And they are going to be healthy for you because there is no added oil. French fry lovers should go crazy over this product.

UPDATE: There seems to be a lot of interest in a Copper Crisper french fry recipe. Short of buying an air fry cookbook or using Ore-Ida fries from the frozen section of the grocery store, here is a basic recipe from the This Old Gal website for making fries in an oven air fryer. If this recipe is too bland for you, try coating the pre-cooked fries below with a little chili powder, garlic powder, paprika and turmeric in addition to the seasoned salt.

  • Scrub 4 medium potatoes and then slice into strips (I would peel the potatoes, too, but that’s just me)
  • Soak potatoes in a bowl of fresh water for 30 minutes
  • Drain water, pat dry and return to dry bowl
  • Pour 2 tbsp coconut oil over drained fries and mix through
  • Add 1 tbsp seasoned salt and toss to coat
  • Place coated potato slices into Copper Crisper Basket
  • Air Fry at 400 degrees in a pre-heated oven for 15 minutes, shaking the basket half way through

Baking times will vary with the thickness of the cut fries. Enjoy!

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SaleBestseller No. 1
Copper Crisper by Copper Chef
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Copper Crisper by Copper Chef
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Gotham Steel Crispy Tray, , Copper
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Gotham Steel Crispy Tray, , Copper
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  • For non-stick performance and easy cleanup
  • No butter, oil or cooking spray needed
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Copper Chef Copper Crisper with Copper Chef Grill and Bake Mats
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  • Copper Chef Grill Mats- Heat Proof up to 500°, Reduces...
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Copper Chef Copper Crisper Deluxe
  • Double the size of the original- Deluxe Family Size...
  • No Turning & No Burning- Heat Resistant to 450 °
  • Less Fat & Calories
  • Ceramic Coated Nonstick Basket Allows Air to Circulate...
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Royal Copper Crisper Tray Air Fryer by Kitchen Royale
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