Bright Time Buddies, Owl – The Night Light Lamp You Can Take with You



Bright Time Buddies are lovable animal-shaped night lights that are easily portable and are also soft and squeezy. Your child can take them with them all over and they provide simply enough light so your child can find their way around. This Owl is a charming night light friends that turns bedtime into an enjoyable adventure as kids can play with them. If your kid is afraid of the dark, then Bright Time Buddies are a perfect aid. This Owl is a charming buddy for your child can take to bed that shines softly, lulling your kid to a good night sleep.

Rotates between 3 colors or pick one color to keep it shining; green, blue, or yellow. Colors have a soft radiance so kids can drop off to sleep with this reassuring light.

Night Time Buddies Features

  • Great for kids 3 years of ages and up
  • Offers just the right quantity of calming colorful light
  • Instantly shuts down in 1 hour
  • Select between 3 colors or rotate between them.


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