Shiwala Magic Mop, Super Absorbent Microfiber 360 Degree Head


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The traditional mop and bucket approach is a messy, backbreaking way to clean floors, while using replaceable mops with disposable heads is like throwing money in the trash. The Shiwala Magic Mop solves both in one convenient design. The microfiber mop head makes cleaning a breeze as it soaks in and wipes away even the largest of messes. Remove dust, mud, food stains caused by ketchup or jam, crumbs, pet accidents etc.


  • Super absorbent microfiber head is mess-free and doesn’t drip after soaking in a lot of moisture.
  • Non-scratching center pad removes tough dirt off glass surfaces; functions as a duster, wet mop or dry mop depending on the situation.
  • Head rotates 360 degrees: Use to remove dust off hard-to-reach places or pet hair from sharp corners; mop head is washer and dryer-safe.
  • Sprayer pump is located on map handle for easy usage.
  • INCLUDES portable sprayer that works either with plain water or cleaning solution. To use: simply spray as you clean along.


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