(Set of 4) As Seen On TV Catch Caddy Catches Items


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As Seen On TV, Catch Caddy slides into the gap between the center console and the seat. It prevents dropped items like keys, wrappers, coins, french fries, etc. from dropping into that space and getting lost. We've all lost small items into the narrow gap and tried in vane to retrieve them while driving. Not a good idea. Now you don't have to worry about dropped items. Concentrate on your driving and staying safe because here comes Catch Caddy to the rescue!

Easily slide the Catch Caddy into the space and prevent items from getting lost into "Seatmagedden."

Also, serves as a storage pocket for glasses, phones, cash, etc. Keep items at your fingertips for fast, easy retrieval and stop losing items into "Seatmagedden."

Includes one for the driver's side and one for the passenger's side. This set of 4 equips 2 cars.


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