Kona Gold Grill & Bake Mats ~ New ~ Nonstick Heavy Duty Grill Accessory BBQ (REVIEWED)

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The Kona Gold Grill Mats are just a tough and durable as the regular Kona Grill Mats. Made from the same highly compressed Teflon fibers they sport a new gold tone color for the fashion conscious.

It frightens me to think of the grill gunk infecting my households food, too. Yuck! And those little items falling through the grill grates ... Yes, us too. Luckily Those Less Than Outstanding BARBEQUE Days Are Gone With The KONA 600 DEGREE PEAK TEMP GRILL MATS!

500 degree recommended searing temperature - These non-stick BBQ grill mats are remarkably thin, but will not burn or melt. (DO NOT place directly on charcoal) Lay mat over grill grates about 7" from burners and go!

These mats are also ideal for baking! With Kona's 10+ OUNCE - HEAVY WEIGHT GRILL MATS - No more filthy grill. No more dirty food! The EZ clean surface lets you prepare saucy dishes without losing those terrific juices, yet cleans up quickly. Enjoy Clean Healthy Grilled Meals And Protect Your Pricey Grill!

A Kona Grill Mat will last several years with proper care. We suggest buying a 2nd set and cut it to size for grill warming racks, microwaves, indoor grills, sandwich makers or saute pans.

After cleaning our mats no residual flavor or odor will transfer from the mat to your next barbecued meal. Yesterday's Pecan Crusted Salmon won't ruin the taste of today's BBQ Pizza. Yes, I said Pizza ... You don't need to purchase a pizza oven either?! Your gill and the Kona Grill Mat will do nicely!

Go ahead; grill eggs, bacon, pancakes or whatever. There are no limits for your BBQ Grill anymore.

▶ ▶ Also try The Kona XL Grill Mat. At 25" x 17" they cover a whole 4 Burner Grill.

These grill mats make unique BBQ gifts for men & barbecue enthusiasts.

Money Back Guarantee. If you're not happy with our "wonder" mats, we will return your purchase.

FAR SUPERIOR to other grill mats. The one and only 600 DEGREE Peak Temperature BBQ grill and smoke mat. And KONA IS THE THICKEST at 0.39 mm. That is 4X Thicker Than Yoshi Grill Mat and 2X Thicker Than the Miracle Grill Mat. Kona non-stick grill mats can be used over 1,000 times per side, that's 50 times more than common grilling mats. And they are used by the top grillmasters and professional chefs worldwide. Kona Grill Mats are simply the best grill mats you can buy.

KEEP YOUR GRILL CLEAN Grill the juiciest steaks, smoke the tenderest chicken and sautee the thinnest cut vegetables with ease. Forget grill baskets and other devices! These mats will keep your Weber, Traeger, Char Broil, Kamado, etc. grill looking shiny new.

BEST OF ALL you immediately get our "No Hassle" 7 year Kona Barbecuing Accessory Warranty, which even covers unexpectedly getting it too hot!

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