Copper Chef Copper Crisper Deluxe


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The Fantastic Crisping Fryer That Works in your Oven. With the Deluxe Family Sized Copper Crisper Get the crunch & crisp you love without included oils or fat and double the size of the original.

Unique elevated nonstick tray enables extremely heated air to travel through & circulate around all 360 degrees of your food for the perfect crisp & brown all around. Heat Resistant to approximately 450 deg;

Copper Crisper Deluxe Features

  • Double the size of the original - Deluxe Family Size Basket Size 12" X 18" Tray Size 18.5" X 13"
  • No Turning & No Burning- Heat Resistant to 450 °
  • Less Fat & Calories
  • Ceramic Covered Nonstick Basket Allows Air to Flow Around and crisp Food
  • Ceramic Coated Nonstick Cookie Sheet Catches Crumbs, Oils & Spills to Keep Oven Clean


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