RazorPit Men’s Razor Blade Sharpener, Black


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Time to tune up your razor blade, time for the RazorPit. RazorPit utilizes an unique and trademarked friction innovation to tidy and sharpen your razor blades. After every shave microscopic residue, like skin cells, water, and keratin is left on the blades. That triggers them to feel dull. RazorPit utilizes a trademarked friction technology to wipe the residue and consequently leaving you with a tidy and sharp razor blade. We have customers conserving as much as 90% on razor blades – But the average saving is around 60% a year. RazorPit makes costly razor cartridge refills and dull-bladed shaving a distant memory. More than 600 million guys utilize razor blades and toss billions of razor blades in the trash every year. However there is nothing incorrect with the blades. They simply need to be cleaned up. With RazorPit, you can extend the life expectancy of the razor blades substantially and assist the environment.


  • RazorPit Conserves You Money approximately 90% on Razor Blades
  • RazorPit Increases Shaves per Blade from 10 Shaves to 100 Shaves
  • RazorPit features a Patented Friction Razor Sharpening and Cleaning Technology
  • RazorPit Sharpener Functions on All Razors and Razors Blades
  • RazorPit is Made from Recyclable Products and Decreases the Waste of Disposable Blades


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