Simply Fit Board – The Abs Legs Core Workout Balance Board with A Twist, As Seen On TV




The Simply Fit Board is designed for use by folks of various ages and physique types. The board can support as much as 400 lbs. If you have health issues or injuries, we suggest that you seek the advice of your doctor before starting any training routine.

Advancing Your Exercise!

If you really feel that you have mastered the fundamental twisting action you can begin incorporating different exercises such as planks, squats, pushups and others!

Simply Fit Board Features

  • Enjoyable, Straightforward And Efficient Exercise!
  • Works For All Physique Types
  • Helps Strengthen And Tone Abs, Legs, And More!
  • Light-Weight And Easily Transportable
  • Supports Up To 400 lbs
  • Includes DVD And User Guide

Simply Fit Board FAQ's

Q: On what kind of flooring can my board be used?

A: Best used on carpet. We encourage using a small, tight woven rug with rubber backing on hardwood flooring or other hard floors to protect the board and your flooring.

Q: Why is my board shifting round on the floor?

A: That is a temporary problem that usually corrects itself quickly. Also, you could be leaning ahead or to the side too far. Usually you will master the board in a week or so while you get a feel for it. When you begin to lose balance, merely tilt the board a little back to the center. Stay in one spot and keep your head facing forward.

Q: I am having trouble balancing. What can I do?

A: Hold onto a chair or desk when you first step onto the board. You will soon find yourself Steady on the Simply Fit Board. Additionally as your muscles tone you will notice the board becomes much more steady. By standing on the board and just rocking your feet backwards and forwards you will enhance your core, leg power, and steadiness.

Q: Do I twist with my legs or waist?

A: You need to twist your waist, and your knee joints should remain straight. A great way to get the movement right is to carry two hand weights straight down at your sides and swing your arms in a semi-circular movement, with a slight bend in your knees. Let the board naturally begin to twist. You will strengthen your core and abs as you do this fundamental twist.

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