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ALT SpyX Spy Kit For Kids Review
SpyX Kids Spy Kit #Ad

Review by Wally
Review by Wally

The SpyX Spy Kit For Kids Introduction

The SpyX Spy Kit For Kids includes micro spy gear for mobile spying. SpyX has taken ideas from cutting edge spy equipment and real spy field gear in making this kit. That makes the SpyX Spy Kit For Kids the next cool invention for kids.

The SpyX Micro Gear Set is perfect for children who like to play spy games with their friends and siblings. It gets your kids away from indoors electronic devices and out into the world of traditional kid-play.
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The Spy Kit For Kids even comes with an adjustable webbed energy belt equipped with customized holders for each individual tool. The belt keeps the spy tools organized and safe in one location – and ready for action!

The SpyX Spy Kit For Kids also comes with a micro ear light, micro listener, micro motion alarm and an invisible ink pen. Your child will find each one of these tools useful on every one of their spy missions.

The SpyX Micro Set #Ad is designed with a rough and tough look that every up and coming spy values. Not only does the set look fantastic but the tools are made to work just like the real thing, too. And the tools are strong enough to survive the most active play.

The SpyX Spy Kit For Kids also earned the 2015 Product of The Year Award from Creative Child magazine. A coveted award given to innovative children’s toys.

SpyX Kids Spy Gear Set Features

Adjustable Webbed Energy Belt

The adjustable energy belt has a custom holder for each spy tool. The belt keeps each one securely in place and ready for action. And the webbed energy belt is adjustable so it will easily fit over your child’s shoulder as a bandolier or around the waist as a belt.

The flexibility and security of the energy belt makes playing with the spy set simple and carefree – and keeps each tool ready for use. Plus it insures that the spy tools are always stored away together so they don’t get lost.

Micro Motion Alarm

The micro motion alarm is a vital tool for every kid spy mission. The motion alarm allows kids to guard their top secret spy control center from trespassers. It can also let them know when their mark has entered the trap. The micro motion alarm can be set up in any entrance, hallway, or doorway. And it sounds the alert whenever motion is detected at that location.

The device senses motion or vibration, whichever you choose. And the alarm is reasonably loud and can be heard approximately one to two rooms away. Your junior spy will find the micro motion alarm useful to monitor pets, people who like to snoop, or anyone who just walks into range of the motion alarm.

Other SpyX Spy Kit For Kids Features

  • Micro Ear Light – Allows kids to see in the dark
  • Micro Listener – Listen in on far away sounds
  • Invisible Ink Pen – Protects secret messages from snoopy eyes. Write in invisible ink and your message is safe until you disclose it
  • 2 AAA batteries are required (not included) The required 3-386/LR43 button batteries and 3-357/LR44 button batteries ARE included
  • For ages 5 and up
  • Caution: small parts

What Do Parents and Junior Spies Think About The SpyX Kit

Most of the consumers who purchased the SpyX Spy Kit For Kids bought it for their own child or a child that they know. Buyers were impressed with the quality of the utility belt. And the fact that everything fits onto the spy belt with easy to use clips was appreciated.

Parents also say that this set is great for kids who have siblings they want to track or be warned of sibling ‘invasion.’ Kids also enjoyed being able to listen in on siblings without them knowing.

Parents rave about how much their children love the SpyX Micro Spy Kit For Kids. Some kid favorite features are the motion detector and the invisible ink pen. The kit is useful in many kid spy missions and in kid surveillance, too.

Buyers were pleased that the set came with several kid friendly gadgets and it is easy to put together. They also mentioned that the set is durable and not easily broken. There are currently almost 100 customer reviews for The SpyX Set #Ad on Amazon with an average rating of 4.1 stars out of 5.

What Was Disappointing About The Spy Kit For Kids

Some of the Amazon reviewers said the set was cheaply made and not of good quality. And, they also complained that the spy tools do not fit well into the belt holders and fall out easily. But most reviewers are very happy with the SpyX Kids Spy Gear Kit function and durability.

Another common complaint from parents is the actual size of the tools. Some reviewers said the tools were too small. But, it seems that in order to spy on others you would want your tools to be small, compact and discrete. Spies don’t use large and bulky spy equipment! The whole idea of being a spy is to be inconspicuous.

In almost all of the reviews, whether mentioning good or bad points, it was noted that their child spy absolutely loves the SpyX Micro Spy Kit For Kids. In other words, it is KID APPROVED.

The Bottom Line

The SpyX Micro Gear Set is extremely popular among children who are into spy games or just want to keep an annoying sibling away. And with all of the great features such as the micro ear light and micro listener this product can be fun for individual or group play. It keeps your child entertained and busy for hours having super spy fun.

The SpyX Micro Spy Kit For Kids is made to look and work like the real thing and be durable enough to hold up even under the most active play. The adjustable web belt makes it convenient and easy to keep all of the gadgets organized and in one place so they don’t get lost. Just how any spy would want it.

You may want to make sure you have an extra set on hand for a friend or sibling for group play.

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