Stir Crazy Automatic Pot Stirrer – Review

Automatic Pot Stirrer - Stir Crazy
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Review by Wally
Review by Wally

Stir Crazy Auto Pot Stirrer

The automatic pot stirrer is a compact device that needs 4 AA batteries to operate. the Stir Crazy Automatic Pot Stirrer has a removable top section that is silicone covered and houses the vibration activator, batteries and 3 speed/off power switch. The bottom part consists of three metal legs attached to a plastic ring on one end and silicone feet that vibrate and move in a circular motion on the other end.
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Stir Crazy Operation

Turning on the Stir Crazy #Ad starts the vibrating motion. As it is set in a pan of soup or other semi-liquid sauce the vibrating motion causes the legs to vibrate and move in a circular motion in the pan. The silicone feet are designed such that they push off the bottom of the pan in one direction creating the rotating motion.

One of the feet also has a small flap that helps to stir the contents of the pot.

Stir Crazy Automatic Pot Stirrer Features

  • Requires 4 AA Batteries (Not Included)
  • 3 Speed Power and Off Button
  • Hands Free and Non-Stick Pan Safe
  • Instructions Printed On The Box
  • Continuous Stirring for Up To 4 Hours
  • Leg Section Is Dishwasher Safe
  • Heat Safe Up To 300 Degrees

Auto Pot Stirrer - Stir Crazy
Stir Crazy #Ad

So What Do Purchasers Think About The Stir Crazy

Amazon reviewers of the Stir Crazy Automatic Pot Stirrer gave it 3.0 stars out of 5. Some people found it to be marginally useful to take over some of the stirring tasks in the kitchen. Here’s what a few had to say:

“Love It!”

“It’s kind of useful to keep soups and some sauces from boiling over, so I think it’s OK given the price.”

“OK, I read the other reviews, but I LOVE mine. Yes, it is small & cheesy. It runs on 4 AA batteries. It vibrates & is slightly off center so it wiggles around in the pan, stirring whatever is in the pan. I live alone & have a very short attention span, so I walk away from stuff that has to cook a long time & usually burn them. This doesn’t work well on thick stuff, but works great on soups & such, and even on thick stuff it has kept me from burning a LOT of food. Worth every penny for my use !”

What Purchasers Don’t Like

Many reviewers found the Stir Crazy #Ad to be too weak to stir anything with any thickness well. The battery life seemed to be much, much shorter than advertised. And, for some, the device would move to the edge of the pot and fall over. Here is just a sample of what they had to say:

“It’s a cheap gizmo that is not necessary and will never be used. However, without the box, it is a funny, unidentifiable gift.”

“…tried stirring milk as the milk was being heated. Never knew until now how much thicker milk is than water: had to put the stirrer on HIGH to get it to move around the whole pot; on low or medium, it just stayed in one place. But on High, it did work … for about 5 minutes. Then, it just slowed down and stopped. Not broken, just petered out from all that hard work.”

“Horrible doesn’t even spin. Just sits there vibrating. Would be better used as a personal massager. So for that use I would give it five stars. But as a automatic stir I would give it 0 stars.”

So What’s The Bottom Line

As you can see from the purchaser reviews the Stir Crazy Automatic Pot Stirrer doesn’t work all that well. We popped 4 fresh batteries into our demo model and couldn’t even get it to move around a pot of water.

The silicone feet tend to grab the bottom of the pan preventing the device from moving. Maybe our batteries weren’t as fresh as we thought. However, others indicated that the batteries don’t last long even if the automatic stirrer is loaded with the freshest of batteries. It’s a great idea. However, We CANNOT recommend this product. There are some other stirring options available and some sellers of the Stir Crazy type stirrers have them priced very cheap if you would like to give it a try anyway.

Who’s The Pot Stirrer Good For

A pot stirrer is a handy item for the cook who regularly has multiple pots going at the same time that need regular stirring. Or the cook who wants to take a break from the kitchen while dinner cooks. But, either get lots of batteries or a better quality stirrer.

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