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Vroom Broom Folding Broom
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Review by Wally
Review by Wally

The Vroom Broom Folding Broom Introduction

Sweeping can be a never ending tedious chore. When you sweep up the dirt, dust, broken glass, or other spills you find that the dirt, etc. just slips out the side of the broom. You have to sweep and sweep to keep it concentrated in front of the broom head. But not with the Vroom Broom folding broom.
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With the Vroom Broom #Ad the brushes are angled inward. You can more easily sweep up dirt and spills. And even difficult to reach places that an ordinary boom has trouble reaching can be swept with this folding broom.

The Vroom Broom’s unique three way bristle design guides dirt and dust inward toward the middle of the broom head. The bristles actually trap the dirt in the center of the brush head. Then it can be quickly and easily whisked away into a dustpan. This prevents you from having to sweep from side to side to concentrate the dirt and dust so it stays in front of the broom.

Sweeping up dirt, dust, broken glass or spilled kitty litter, pet food, coffee, sugar or just about anything turns out to be easier to clean up with this broom design.

Vroom Broom Adjustable Handle

This Vroom folding broom has an adjustable handle that can be adjusted to your ideal sweeping height. You won’t have to stoop with a short broom handle or knocking things over with an unwieldy long broom handle. Once finished with the dirty job you can then collapse the handle back down to only 29 inches and easily store it away. The whole thing is quite convenient.

Flexible Spring Action Head

The Vroom Broom #Ad uses a unique, flexible spring action head that lets the bristles widen while you sweep. This provides better coverage while still pushing the dirt toward the center of the broom. And the angled brushes actually do help trap the dirt and helps reduce dirt lines. You can then push it all into the dust pan much quicker with this broom.

The Vroom Folding Broom Features

  • Flexible spring action head works well for sweeping
  • Angled brushes move dirt to the center limiting dust lines
  • Spring action brushes widen for better floor coverage>/li>
  • Telescoping handle collapses down to 29 inches for convenient storage
  • Aluminum handle and tough plastic head

What Do Purchasers Think Of The Vroom Broom

As of today there is only one consumer review on Amazon, the consumer gave the Vroom Broom 3 out of 5 stars.

The purchaser intended to use the broom for a special situation of sweeping hay from carpet. This consumer thought the bristles and head at the angled sides could be stiffer for his use. But, stiffer bristles might not be ideal for normal sweeping tasks. This person did mention that the folding broom was nimble enough to easily get to dust bunnies or little pieces of food or spills in kitchen corners.

The Bottom Line

The Vroom Broom Folding Broom (maybe I should have said ‘telescoping’ broom) offers a new and innovative way to get the sweeping chore done quickly and efficiently. With other brooms you sweep this way and that way and there are still remnants left behind – especially at the sides of the broom.

The flexible spring action head and angled brushes of the broom do allow you to get into hard to reach areas and in and around corners – unlike an ordinary sweep broom. It does make it simpler to sweep up just about any mess on the floor.

(Note: Full sized Vroom Broom is not available at this time)

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Mini Vroom Broom$9.99
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