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WhamO Magic Pens
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WhamO Magic Pens Review

This WhamO Magic Pens Review deals with the 20 pen set which comes with 9 Color Changing pens, 9 Eraser Pens, 2 Magic White Pens, a container and pen stand. There is also an blow pen holder, over a dozen stencils and brief instructions.

The pens are NON-TOXIC and ASTM D-4236 compliant. They are also odor free and suitable for children aged 4 and up.
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Magic Pen Washable Ink

Parents will really appreciate the washability of the ink in the Magic Pens #Ad. Although the pen ink is quite vibrant and looks similar to magic marker type ink, it can be washed from hands and clothing with soap and warm water if the ink is not allowed to set too long. You should try to keep pen use away from walls, wood, carpet and other household items that cannot be laundered.

Vibrant Color Changing WhamO Magic Pens

The Magic Pens allow children to draw with very vibrant colors. There are shades of blues, reds, yellows, greens, pinks and can be used on any paper. Half of the Magic Pens will draw in the color of the barrel and cap. And the colored ink from these 9 Eraser Pens can be neutralized with the Magic White Pens.

The ink from the pens dries in a few minutes and will not smudge UNLESS it gets wet. To be washable, the ink is fairly water soluble and will smudge if liquid is spilled on it.

The other 9 pens are color changing pens. They write/draw with the color of the pen barrel but can be changed to the color of the cap by using one of the 2 Magic White Pens. To young children this color changing ability IS magic. Its worth noting that some of the color changing pens change color more radically than others.

Stencils & Blow Pen Holder

The WhamO Magic Pens Set comes with over a dozen 2″ by 4.5″ stencils. And the stencils include letters, numbers, objects, animals and people. You can place one of the Magic Pens in the blow pen holder and blow into one end of the holder to create a sort of airbrush effect of the ink onto a stencil. By using the pen holder and the stencils, a young child can create a sharper image on paper than they could otherwise draw freehand.
WhamO Magic Pens
WhamO Magic Pens
Magic Pens #Ad

WhamO Magic Pens Features Summary

  • Magic Pens Set includes 9 Erasable Pens, 9 Color Changing Pens and 2 Magic White Pens
  • Over a Dozen Stencils and Blow Pen Holder Included
  • Non-toxic and Washable Ink
  • Vibrant Colors of The Rainbow
  • Storage Case and Pen Stand Included
  • Works On Any Paper, Coloring Books, Etc.

So What Do WhamO Magic Pens Purchasers Think

This Magic Pens Set #Ad received an approving 4.1 stars out of 5 on Amazon. Reviewer’s most common comment was that their kids loved them. Below are a few typical statements from purchasers.

“I admit I was skeptical when I ordered this. But my niece loves it. It really does what it says.”

“My kids never stop moving. Nothing holds their attention for long but here they are at my feet quietly drawing.”

“Great for rainy days or anytime really. My Grand kids loved them. Thank You Whamo.”

“I was surprised at how well these markers worked. My daughter LOVES them!!”

“Love it. Bright colours.”

Most WhamO Magic Pens reviewers found that their kids really loved the WhamO Magic Pens. The colors are vibrant, the selection great and kids repeatedly played with them for long periods of time.

What Didn’t Purchasers Like About the Magic Pens

Below are some representative comments of the complaints.

“However, while using them at our table, they accidentally ran off the edges of their sketch pages and drew on our wood table. We scrubbed unsuccessfully with everything we had until I called the company who suggested GoJo.”

“I thought all of them would be color changing but no only a few of the markers are.”

“The WORST THING about them is they are horribly messy and don’t wash off.”

Reviewers mostly mentioned just two problems. One was that if the markers get on wood, walls or other objects, it may be very difficult to remove the stain. Also, some children had trouble cleaning the ink off of their hands after use. It is probably wise to make sure your children understand they need keep the colors on the medium and off other things and hands as much as possible. That applies to other brands and types of drawing pens, too. Though, Magic Pens seem to be about as washable as a colorful ink pen can be.

The other negative that purchasers mentioned was that some of the color changing colors didn’t seem to change much. We noticed this, too. Some of the color changing colors did ‘magically’ change to a different color while others experienced less of a color change. All 9 of them did experience some color change but to varying degrees.

What’s The Bottom Line

Kids really love the WhamO Magic Pens. The spend long periods using them and don’t seem to get bored easily while drawing with them. The colors are brilliant and kids really like creating colorful images.

The pens and blow pen holder use, however, should be reserved for kids who can concentrate at keeping their work on the paper.

Whp’s This Good For

The child who is reasonably responsible but is easily bored would find these pens interesting and fun. Adults who use the latest fad in ‘adult coloring books’ might find them fun to use, too.

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