Wonder Washer Portable Smallest Washing Machine – Review

Wonder Washer Smallest Washing Machine
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Review by Wally
Review by Wally

Introduction To The Wonder Washer

Have you ever been camping and run out of clean socks? The Wonder Washer is the portable and smallest washing machine that you can take anywhere. While it does need access to a 110 volt power outlet, the compact size makes it the perfect accessory for camping, RVing or even for college kids.
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You may be skeptical about the ability of a $50 washing machine to get your clothes clean. So, find out if the Wonder Washer is able to the dirt out or if it simply soaks your clothes.

7-Liter Portable Smallest Washing Machine

The main feature is the unit itself. This portable smallest washing machine has a 7-liter capacity – the equivalent of about 1.75 gallons. It does not require any access to plumbing. You simply plug it into an outlet, add warm water, detergent, and a few articles of clothing and you’re in business.

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Quiet Operation

The Wonder Washer #Ad does not generate a lot of noise. You can safely use it in a dorm, apartment, or campground without attracting attention. You could even use it without waking up someone in the same room. It is that quiet. The only noise is a slight mechanical hum and the swishing of the water and clothes.

Easy to Use Controls

There are two knobs on the front of the washer – the timer and the program knob. You can set the wash cycle for 3, 6, 9, 12, or 15-minutes. The program knob can be set to “Standard” or “Gentle” for delicate items.

You first place your clothes in this smallest washing machine. It can hold several pairs of underwear and a few socks, a single pair of jeans, or a couple of T-shirts. You will not be able to fit a lot of clothing in a single load, but you can wash a few items to get some clean underwear or a clean shirt or two.

Next, add the water and detergent. There is a max fill line inside the machine so that you do not overfill it. After you close the lid, you can set the timer and cycle strength to begin washing your clothes. Be sure to place the washer on a steady surface as it can wobble if placed on an unsteady table or carpet.

Yes! It Really Does Wash Your Clothes

Despite the compact size and the small motor, the Wonder Washer Smallest Washer really can wash your clothing and get them clean. It should be noted that there is no rinse cycle. But, the wash cycle is short. You can set it for 3 to 15-minutes. Afterward, you can throw your clothes in a bucket or small sink, add clean water, and rinse away the suds. Line dry your clothes and then iron if needed. A neat trick to quickly dry a small item or two is to hang them on a coat hanger and use a hair dryer to blow blow dry them.

If you will be using the Wonder Washer often, you might want to also consider purchasing a portable clothes dryer.  There are a few collapsible, store away type models that will get the job done.  You can use our search feature to find the models we carry.

The Completely Portable Smallest Washing Machine

Since the Wonder Washer does not need access to plumbing, you can take it with you anywhere. As mentioned, it is a good idea for use in dorms or apartments. Though, campers may also find it useful. You only need access to an electric outlet. Modern campgrounds often have an electric outlet at the campsite or at the public restroom. Of course, this is perfect for the RVer.

The Wonder Washer also only weighs 8-pounds and measures 13x13x18.25-inches. So, you only need a little over one foot of space for the washer to do it’s work. It’s hard to beat the ‘As Seen On TV’ Wonder Washer for small places.

Details of the Smallest Washing Machine – Wonder Washer

  • Holds 7-liters (about 1.75 gallons)
  • 13 x 18.25-inches (small enough to set on a desk, counter or floor)
  • Quiet operation
  • No plumbing needed
  • It Really Does Clean Clothes

What Do Purchasers Think of The Wonder Washer?

It really helps to look at customer reviews when you are considering purchasing a product. On Amazon, the small Wonder Washer received mostly positive comments on nearly 700 reviews with a 3.9-star average out of 5.

Many comments were about its ease of use, but there were a few complaints. Several customers have pointed out that the Wonder Washer does not have a rinse cycle. This means you will need to rinse your clothing in a tub or sink with clean water after the cleaning cycle completes.

One customer mentioned that it stopped working after about 6 months. Though this was after heavy use and other customers did not mention any problems along those lines.

The general consensus among users is that the Wonder Washer #Ad is a good choice for apartment or dorm living. Customers enjoyed the easy operation. There are just two knobs – “Timer” and “Program.” Really the main advantage was the convenience. Customers that needed a simple solution for washing a few articles of clothing in their apartment or dorm seemed to consider it a live saver.

The Bottom Line

This Smallest Washing Machine Wonder Washer is a smart concept that operates as intended. You’re not going to replace a standard washing machine with this compact unit. But, it does have its benefits for space challenged apartments, dorms, etc. You can wash your clothes anywhere and save time and money by avoiding the laundromat.

When you don’t have easy access to a real washing machine, the Wonder Washer is truly a life saver. This will help you get by for a short period of time with some clean clothes. It is not intended to replace your washing machine at home – but is very useful for trips in the RV, camping, or for occasional use in a dorm or apartment.

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